Beyond Fields

ECAL 2017

Beyond Fields is a platform independent puzzle game composed of three chapters each inspired by some of the fundamental interactions occurring in nature. The goal is simple: bring a particle stream from a source to a target while avoiding different kind of obstacles. Throughout the game the player passes through different levels during which he has the opportunity to interact with differents elements that allow him to rebalance the force field differently in each level.
Thanks to a system of filters, the player can change the graphical representations of the game allowing him to visualize the forces that are exerted between the elements of the game.
This project started from a personal interest for the fundamental forces of the univers - gravitational, electromagnetic, strong and weak forces. This is a graphical and interactive research around these principles.

Supervised by Gaƫl Hugo, Alain Bellet, Christophe Guignard & Cyril Diagne

"Numerik Games Festival", Yverdon-les-Bains 2017
laws of physics, gravity, electromagnetism, shader, webgl, web app

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