Look Book

ECAL 2016

With: Elise Migraine

These books keep their pages tightly closed. The binding gives you a glimpse of an unexpected content.
Ever since they appeared, we have been worshipping the objects around us while being extremely demanding of them. What if the roles were reversed for once? Instead of asking objects to make us dream, why don’t we consider their own dreams? Premonitory dreams that anticipate a possible future of objects?
With their custom VR system embedded, these old dictionaries offer an unexpected journey through an imaginary world hidden within them.

Supervised by Alain Bellet, Cyril Diagne & Laura Perrenoud

"When Objects Dream" - Milan Design Week 2016.
"Global Grad Show" - Dubaï Design Week 2016.
virtual reality, generative algorithm, typography, custom vr headset